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The drive from New Mexico to Wyoming, Part 1: The first campground.

Updated: Oct 10, 2021

When I last left you on my trip, I was still in Albuquerque with my sister. On July 25th, I had to say goodbye to my sister and head up towards Wyoming. I had realized that my good friend, Ryan, was on my way if I took the longer route through Utah. So I checked with her and she was going to be home that day and we could spend some time together! After my goodbyes to Mindy and family, I headed towards my one and only campsite reservation at the Mountain View RV Park & Campsite in Monticello, Utah ( My photos start there, near the entrance, that was decorated with wonderful flowers!

The campground was beautiful, with mountains in the distance and plenty of sky.

The park had a great bathroom/laundry room set up and a dog walk area complete with fire hydrants.

The five campsite areas were towards the back of the complex and had thick layers of grass. Though I did not set up a tent at the time, on hindsight, I absolutely should have. I decided to make life simpler, though, by sleeping in the car.

After having been in Albuquerque, where there is little to no grass, the dogs LOVED the grassy area. Pepsi did her usual rolling in the grass, while Moose decided to eat it.

The campsite was also decorated in really cool old wagons and mining rail cars and other equipment.

The best part of our camp site was that it was right beside a field with three horses. I have always loved horses and really enjoyed seeing them next to us. Moose and Pepsi, of course, were both fascinated, yet also afraid of the horses. In fact, Moose managed to get away from me at one point and tried to join the horses, but I was able to grab his leash and pull him back to our side of the fence before he reached them.

Obviously they thought the grass was better on our side of the fence.

As the day turned into night, I was treated with a beautiful sunset.

I did not sleep extremely well that night due to the cramped space in my car and having two dogs who were thoroughly confused as to why we had an air mattress in the car and were sleeping on it. But the sunrise the next morning not only made up for that, it absolutely blew the sunset out of any sort of competition. And, oddly, I had actually forgotten about this sunrise until I was going through my photos to write this blog.

I could wake up to that view every morning and my life would be so much better! As much as I liked the camp ground we were in, I knew we would have to move on, but we did one last trip to the dog area and I got this really great photo of Moose.

Little did I know that the rest of the trip would absolutely blow me away. This was just the beginning of a trip that I want to make again and again and again.... more will be coming soon.

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