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So, I have been painting and writing and working...

Good morning! I know it's early morning for you, but for me, it is later in the day. I have been working a lot, but I have also been painting a lot! I think I am getting better. Now, please understand, that some of these paintings are simply for fun (i,e, the Colorful Butterflies) but others I am working very hard to make them look good. I finally got a photo box so that I can take better photos of my paintings, so I hope it is working. Unfortunately, I really like to use metallics and glitters and iridescent, which do not photograph very well. But I will show you nine of my recent paintings that I have added on here as products.

One thing to note is that I have put each painting on a different type of canvas. If you really like the Purple Giraffe, but want it on the canvas that the Blue Dragon is on, but with pink around the painting, send me a message telling me this and I will put it together so you can purchase it. Also, if you go to you can see all of the products that I can add these paintings to. Just let me know what painting you want on which product and I will put it together for you to order.

Enough talking, here are the nine paintings that I chose to add to today.

My colorful butterflies and this is upside down. oops.

An 80's Dream, because I loved the colors of the 80's, but I'm not sure they are quite right in the photo.

Blue Dragon. Yes, I know I have a long way to go with dragons, but I am determined!

Blue Octopus. Kind of looks angry, but that is what I was going for.

Skeleton Tree. This whole painting was sort of a mess up that I made to look odd, then decided that it looked like a tree made out of bones.

Mountain Lake. A painting made from a photo I took out at the Grand Tetons.

Purple Giraffe. I like painting animals with unnatural colors. I do not know why, but I like this one.

Beach Bird. I actually painted this as a gift for someone, so they will get the original. This was painted from a photo I took on Jekyll Island.

African Elephant. This was also painted as a gift for someone who really likes elephants. I pulled up a picture online of an African Elephant and gave it my own spin. It is by far one of my favorites.

My new objective is to keep as many originals as possible and just sell the prints on canvas or on products. I will sell the originals, but they will be priced pretty high. I also like to make small ones that I will keep for gifts that will not be put on here. I hope you enjoyed this. Thank you.

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