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Lake Herrick May 18, 2022

So, many of you may have seen my posts on Facebook where I said I thought that I had gotten the flu from my son. Tonight, my opinion has changed. It turns out that there was a recall on Jif peanut butter that I was unaware of. I LOVE peanut butter, though I usually do not get Jif (I grew up pretty poor, so I always get generic brands). But two weeks ago, when I made my pickup order with Kroger, I ordered Kroger peanut butter since I had a coupon. Well, they must have been out, because they substituted Jif peanut butter instead. I was fine with that since Jif makes some good peanut butter. After eating some of the peanut butter at home (and, unfortunately, sharing with my dogs), I took the rest of the jar into work since I was working so much overtime and had some crackers at work. Overall, I ate about 2/3 of the 16 oz jar. So, when I read about the recall, I ran into work to check my lot number. Yes, it is from the recalled batch. And that would explain why the "flu" I had was more like a stomach bug.

Needless to say, I initially started feeling bad while I was at Lake Herrick on May 18. I thought that I had just gotten over heated. It was cool that morning (about 55 degrees F), so I had worn jeans and a sweatshirt. I had gotten hot and had removed the sweatshirt part way through the session. I had also intended to go to the Botanical Gardens afterwards since there should be different flowers blooming, but I just did not feel right. I went home instead, thinking rest and some liquids would help. It did not help and for almost 4 days (until Saturday morning), I just felt horrid. I was so nauseous that I wanted to throw up, but could not. I ended up sleeping a lot and eating not much other than crackers. Saturday morning I finally started feeling better and even took the dogs to Dudley Park for a walk. The odd part is that over the previous weekend, both dogs had stopped eating. I thought it was because they were upset that I was working so much, but now I think it is because they had upset stomachs, too. They both are doing much better now.

Anyway, that is how I ended up sick over my Staycation this past week, so the only extra photos I got to take were from Lake Herrick.

Photo of the bridge from the path to it. The bridge is where I get some of my best sunrise shots.

Pepsi's terror, also known as a bridge. I took her out here one morning a while back for the first time. Moose was not with us that morning (he is not exactly a morning dog), so I let her be off leash as I walked. We got to the bridge and started across it. Once she got about 1/4 of the way across the bridge, I notice her stop, so I turned to watch her. She walked over to the left side of the bridge and looked down into the water (she does NOT like water other than to drink it), then she walked over to the right side and looked down into the water. She then proceeded in walking back off the bridge and, despite me calling to her, she waiting on land for me to return.

I tried again a few days later, thinking maybe some time would have helped. This time, as we walked onto the bridge, something (I suspect a turtle) splashed into the water right beside where she was on the bridge. She visibly jumped, then turned and high-tailed it straight back to the car. I ended up having to follow her back and that ended our visit that day. After that, I started keeping her on her leash and she has finally gotten used to the bridge and will cross it now, though with some trepidation. Now the docks are a different story, she does NOT like the docks at all, even when she is forced to go on them.

Sunrise from the bridge:

It was a gentle, golden sunrise, but still beautiful.

Even beautiful in black and white.

The back side of the bridge and some of just the trees.

I love the fog on the water, but not the dead trees. I wish my husband were still alive to tell me what was wrong with the trees.

The statue in the lake. Kind of creepy, kind of pretty.

Ah, yes, you see the bird in this photo? You will see it in some other ones, too. It was diving over the water and seemed to be showing off. It also noticed me and kept flying, not quite at me, be really close. It was way too fast to catch a good, close photo of, but there were a couple of times that he seemed to actually pause in front of me and just look at me. I wonder if he was as fascinated with me as I was with him.

The moon was actually also out above the trees on the back side of the lake.

After these photos, I just watched the water for a while, wondering if any of the smaller birds diving for bugs would get close enough for photos, two geese flew across the lake. I was able to grab some quick shots of them.

Such perfect unity here!

Actually, those may be ducks. It's hard to tell. Let me know if you can tell.

Sunset from the far end of the bridge.

Reflected on the water.

I LOVE this photo above! I may eventually make some posters with it.

I stepped over to the side to get this photo of a magnolia flower. They are one of my favorite flowers.

There was a blob in the lake far off at first.. I could not tell at first what it was in the water, but as we got closer together, I realized it was a man in a boat, peacefully fishing.

I wish I knew who he was so I could give his copies of these photos.

At this point I had made it over to the dock (with no Pepsi to keep me from going onto it) and got some photos of the birds.

A family of geese.

The swooping birds, grabbing insects and such off the water top.

Another shot of the geese.

Such an adorable family!

Got some reflection photos. This lake is great for reflection photos of the trees!

Another black and white.

There's the fisherman again.

A cardinal on a log by the lake. Not the greatest shot, but still, it's a cardinal.

Then I caught two quick shots of the Heron over head!

Known as the Heron of Lake Herrick, I have been trying to get good shots of him, and thought this was the best I would get this day.

I think this is a turtle nose in the water. Maybe a snapping turtle?

Some more reflection photos.

Picture of one dock from another dock.

Oh, wait, what is that?

Is that the Heron coming back?

I had my camera set for action shots since his first fly by, so I was able to just keep snapping as he flew across.

So majestic!

When I got home later, I realized that I got him with the goose family in several shots together!

This one is almost perfect!!

And then on his own again.

Look at that wing span!!!

This photo! Wow! Timing really is everything in photography!

I also had the joy of meeting some sweet dogs walking around the lake!

This face! So photogenic!

What a cute little guy! He was afraid of the bigger dogs, so I did not get any close ups.

I decided at this point to go onto the trails away from the lake towards the back of the property, where there is a smaller lake.

There is a stream from the smaller lake to the bigger lake, so there are several little bridges over the stream.

A fallen, twisted log over the stream.

The inside of the hollow trunk of a fallen tree.

Just so pretty and peaceful.

I had turned back here, because I was not feeling well, but I kept taking photos.

While I was in this little clearing, I noticed a large bird in a tree ahead of me.

I thought at first it might be a hawk, but then I heard it's cry and knew it was just a big crow.

I got a couple of photos and went on my way.

I heard him cawing again, and noticed him following me.

He followed me for several minutes, hopping from tree to tree.

I don't know if he thought I had food or if he was just fascinated by my camera or glasses.

He finally left me as I got back to the bridge to head home.

So, I took some more photos of the lake without the sunrise on it.

And my little friend came back to say hi, but still was too fast for any good shots.

And my final photo - a turtle swimming in the lake.

I hope you all liked my photos and, please, double check your Jif peanut butter to make sure it is not from the bad lot. Thank you for following my blog.

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