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Dog Park photos from early April

Below are the pictures from the morning of April 2nd, April 9th and the evening of April 10th. As usual, the zip file of all photos is in the shop for $1. I will also start offering physical copies of photos that I will post in the shop, also. If you have a lot of photos (10 - 25), I can also have a small 4 x 6 photo book made up for $12, just let me know which photos you want in it. I hope you enjoy these .

Abby, watching with interest as Lola enters the park.

And he is off! Running to visit his new friend.

Running fast.

About here is when Lola, who is still a puppy, started to realize that the dog running at her was BIG!

The photo I did not get here, was Lola hightailing it back to the picnic table at the entrance.

They finally came nose to nose.

And decided to be friends even though Abbie is bigger than Lola.

"Will I grow up to be as big as you?"


Playing with my new best friend.

No, Abby don't leave me!!

I miss you friend!

Please come back again soon!

She is just so beautiful.

Derp! Love this dog's face!

This one might have just been drinking out of one of the mud puddles. lol

Playing with Mom!

Walking with Daddy.


We good pals.

Play time!

Sunshine is my friend.


Sweet Boscoe!!!


Grandpa is watching me while Mommy and Daddy are away!

Aren't I handsome!

What a face!


Huddle up!

Running with Daddy!

Playing Fetch!

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