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Wiggly Field in Late April

I just want y'all to know how much I enjoy taking photos of your dogs! I love the expressions and joy the dogs show! I have also decided to do something a little different this time. I have separated out some of the photos for sale due to the number of photos being so large, yet it was mostly the same dogs. So, if I have separated your dog's photos out, it will either be under the dog's name or another description, since I am pretty bad at remembering names. 3 sisters is Daisy and Sadie and the one I cannot ever remember but begins with an S. Silver Pitty is I think is named Bella but not sure, so they re just under silver pitty. There were 2 different Shepards, one with a single female and one with a female and 2 kids, I labelled them as Shepard with Mom and Shepard with family. I have added a little bit to the price of the ones that I separated out, just due to the added time. If there were only a couple pictures, or I did not talk with you or interact with your dog a lot, I put them in the Misc Dog Park Photos Late April zip file. Thank you and I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them.

Love the faces in this photo!

Bosco is just the chillest dog, even when puppies are befriending him.

A man, his son and their dog. Is there anything more perfect?


PFTFTFT to you, too! lol

Moose and his oft disappearing ball.

3 puppies playing = way too much cuteness!

I love this face!!!

Stalking 101

John and his shadow!

All the dogs love John!

Play with me, Mom!

Kiwi say, "Wait, that's MY Mom, Pepsi! Go find your own Mom!"