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The sheep and goats....

So, every year or so, the county I live in hires sheep and goats to clean up around the retainer pond that sits between the police department and the jail. Every time this happens, I have to go visit them and admire them. If you can't tell, I am an animal lover, all and almost every animal is special to me. So, when our director told me that the sheep and goats were back at the retention pond, I knew I needed to go visit them!! First, I will show you the algae filled pond photos.

When I first walked up to the area, I only saw sheep. I knew there were goats somewhere, but I figured I would find them eventually. The sheep just looked at me, not letting me get too close, but posing for some nice photos. Some of them, though, looked more like beach balls than sheep.

As sweet as they were, the two goats, who were deep in the brush eating away. The black and brown goat was the first and most interested in meeting me. He (I think it was a he) was quick to push the sheep away. He did this by quickly running into the group of sheep, head down, until they decided as a group to move to the other side of the area. If you look at the first photo, you can see the sheep moving off into the distance. I have decided to call this goat Romeo, for reasons you will see later.

The other goat was a beautiful white color and I was pretty sure it was a female. She was so sweet, so I have decided to call her Sweetie. She has a beautiful beard (which I just learned today that female goats can have beards) and seemed to love having her head scratched.

I wanted to pet Sweetie more, but Romeo was not having that. He actually attacked Sweetie and they started head butting each other. Obviously, Romeo was the stronger one because he did not let Sweetie close enough to me to be pet again after the first round of pets. He really seemed to dislike her!

Just kidding, he actually seemed to like her, he just didn't like her being near me.

The coolest part of the goats were their eyes. They were like sideways cats eyes, but rectangular shaped. Of course I had to take photos.

I also liked their cloven feet. In fact, at one point Romeo jumped up on the fence and I thought he was going to climb right up over the fence.

While I was out there, I also took some photos of some really cool trees.

I love how the last tree is partially fall/partially summer. I also took some photos of some leaves, berries and flowers.

Last but not least, my favorite photo of the trip; honeybee on clover!

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