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The moon tonight...

So, in the evenings, when possible, I take Moose & Pepsi to the dog park. As the days get shorter, though, the darker our visits get until we have to stop for the winter. Tonight, as we were about to head out, the moon decided to play peekaboo with us from behind the clouds. It was breathtaking. I, of course, pulled out my phone and started taking photos. Here are some of my favorites.

The park stared getting brighter as the clouds moved. We were headed to leave. I stopped by the gate to take a few more shots.

I loved how the clouds kept changing. Everyone else left the park, but I had to stay and take more photos.

I finally headed out and the path was actually well lit by the moon alone. I have always been fascinated with the moon. Not in a way that I would want to go to the moon, but just yo watch it and admire it. I also enjoyed using the night settings on my phone to make the photos even more vibrant and enchanting.


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