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Some info about my shop...

First of all, and probably most importantly, you are not obligated to buy anything from my shop, but it is there if you want to. I have gone through Printify to offer several products that carry my photos. But, due to space, I have not put up even half of what is available. If you want something specific, such as one of my animal photos on a baby bib, please send me a message with that information and I will set it up. I can even add words if you have a cute or loving phrase you want added.

I also will, at times, order prints of certain photos that I will have on me. I will post these as they are available and take them down when all are sold. If you would like one of the posters/photos, you do not have to go through the shop if you live near me, you can just let me know and I can meet up with you in the Athens area.

Finally, I am also figuring out how to offer digital copies of my photos and stories on here. Several of the photo sets are already posted and, as I post them, they will be on sale for the first week or two. These are sets of photos either from one post or from one area. I am trying to price them by how many photos they contain. Some of the sets will actually have more photos that I posted on here. Once you have paid for the set, it will come as a download from a zip file, and they can be used on any devise you have. The link to the download should be up for about a month post purchase, so I believe you can download it to different devises. I do ask that, if you do this, and you post or use any of these photos in a public way, please just give me credit for them. This will definitely be the best way to obtain copies of my photos for the lowest price.

I am posting this as a blog, so it is here for all to see, and I will not be promoting my shop in any more of my blogs. I do want to thank you all for visiting my site! Also, if you join my page by leaving your email address, I will be sending out special coupons and other info to my members. I have included a few of my older, favorite photos in this blog just for your enjoyment.

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