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Some big plans and some new products

Good morning! I know I have not written in a minute, but I have been getting used to night shift, recovering from a sinus infection and starting some new plans. It has come to my attention that I need to focus more seriously on building my business if I want to have it fully functional and ready for the next step by the time I retire (in 2026). I need to get a decent computer, the Adobe artists set (Photoshop, etc.) and both a good regular printer and a photo printer. So, I am researching grants, especially those for women starting up new businesses, and will hopefully be applying to several.

In the meantime, I do have some abilities. I am able to make magnets and stickers out of my photos and now have some for sale. I will both add them to my shop and put them below on here. You can either meet up with me to buy some, or buy them off the site (and let me know which one(s) you want. If you live out of driving range, I would be more than happy to throw them in an envelope and mail them to you.

My future goal is to have a part of the business that makes greeting card using my photos and words, and then another part that sells the stickers and magnets and other products. I am hoping to do some traveling to craft fairs to sell my products, while also taking time to site see and take more photos for more items. I also would love to visit small stores in these areas and approach them about selling some of my items. It's a dream, but one worth working towards. I just want to make enough to supplement my retirement and help me travel around the country and possibly into Canada to take more photos. I will try and winter over in Athens and continue my blog as much as I can. I hope I can count on all of you to follow me and help give me suggestions and feedback.

So, here are some of my new products. These photos really do not do them justice, they look much better in person than in these photos. Getting a special set up for photographing products is also part of the plan.

These are the magnets. They are about business card size and perfect to cheer up your refrigerator or filing cabinet. They are $2 each or all 4 for $5. I will have more soon, also.

These are long stickers, about 5 inches wide. They are $3 each. The top one is in Wyoming, the second in Utah and the third one here in Athens, GA.

These are a little smaller and are $2 each. The tope left one was taken in Wyoming (I think Yellowstone or nearby), the bird was taken in Wyoming and the butterfly was taken at the Botanical Gardens here in Athens.

These are a bit smaller and are $1.50 each. The flowers are all from either the Albuquerque or Georgia Botanical Gardens. The mountain is the Grand Tetons and the sunset was taken in Utah.

These are even smaller and are $1 each. The flowers are all from either the Albuquerque or Georgia Botanical Gardens. The waterfall is from Jemez Mountains, the magnolia tree and the red berries are both from Athens, GA.

These are the smallest, about 1 inch square and are $0.50 each. The flowers are all from either the Albuquerque or Georgia Botanical Gardens. Photos 1, 8, 9 and 14 are from Lake Herrick, on UGA campus at the Intermural Fields. Photos 3 and 5 are from Southeast Clarke Park here in Athens, GA. Photo #2 was taken at Dudley Park in Athens, GA and Photo #13 was taken on the Greenway near UGA Campus. Photo #7 was taken in Utah and #14 was taken near my house in Athens, GA.

One of my ideas for this is to set it up so some of my cards will also come with stickers or magnets inside of them as a little extra gift. I also am hoping to take some photos in Athens of downtown and other special places to sell as souvenirs here in Athens at some of the small shops downtown.

One last thing before I go. You are welcome to leave comments on these blogs at the bottom, or to send me messages through this page or on Facebook, or even as a text to my phone. I love getting feedback, good and constructive. I'm also going to add these photos below as they actually look so you get a better idea of how the stickers actually look. Thank you all and I hope you are having a great 2022!

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