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Lunar Eclipse

So, I actually did the insane and got up at 3:30am to take photos of the eclipse. It was a wonderful, freezing learning experience. I ended up going to Southeast Clarke Park and set up at the skate park area, using one of the ramps to set my camera on. I discovered that my camera is actually not as easy for night shots as my phone. Even when I rested my arms on a solid surface, I could not hold the camera still enough to get a good shot. When I set the camera up on my tripod, just pushing the button shook the camera too much, also. Since I left my remote for the camera at home, I decided to set the camera up for a 10 second delay. That gave me enough time to push the button, step back and the camera to become still. Here are the photos I got with my camera:

Here are the photos I got with my phone:

I am actually really glad that I took photos with both, because I have things I like about each. Let me know what you think.

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