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Happy Thanksgiving

Good morning, all! It is a cool, crisp Thanksgiving morning in Georgia and I really should be asleep. I am actually moving to nights starting tomorrow night for a couple of weeks, due to a co-worker having to be out. Though I enjoy nights, I will miss my day shift co-workers and getting to be a part of the normal world. There are pluses to being on nights, the rhythm is different, with it being busy for the first part of the night and then less busy as the night goes on. I do not know how that will effect this blog, or if it will, so please be patient if I am not posting too much. I also am trying to transition to nights, but my body is not really cooperating at this time, so Friday night may be a little rough.

I am working on some Christmas photos and hope to finish my story "The Opposite of Eve" to add here. I also need to get some serious house work done, which includes me moving into my son's old room and make my room into a crafting room, so my nights off may be pretty busy. I am really dreading packing up his gazillion books to be shipped up to him in Ohio. Anyway, I am going to go back to bed for a while before I have to get up for my family Thanksgiving. I hope you all have a wonderful day and get to eat good food to your hearts content. Love you all!!! Missy

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