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Happy New Year!

So the year of my summer trip and the start of my blog has come to a close. So many happenings this year; some good, some not so good. The year did end on a pretty note, though. Here are two photos from the evening of New Years Eve. It was foggy and pretty, just soft and light pink. It seemed to say, "This year will end gently, may the new year start beautifully."

The year also ended with my wonderful older sister and her family being in town, along with another friend. My sister stayed in an adorable little Airbnb house in West Athens. There, on one of the trees, was one of the most impressive samples of shelf mushrooms that I have ever seen.

I also got a really interesting picture of a friend. We were just fooling around, so the picture is not clear, but I really like it. I call it Light and Movement.

I also took a picture of myself that I actually like. Yes, I did touch it up a little. I do like to erase a few years sometimes.

So the year ended on a good note for me. I am facing the new year with a determination to eat better and start walking more, getting ready to go for hikes with my dogs. I also need to be better at cleaning my house and write more. The same resolutions I make every year, maybe this year will be the year I actually follow them.

The new year started off even better. At about 1:45pm, I received a call from Doug Barrett at Oldham's Body, Paint & Wrecker Service Inc. . He has been working on my Dragon Soul for the past almost two months. Most of that time was spent waiting on parts to be delivered. I did not have rental coverage on my insurance (something I will be fixing this week), so I spent way too much on rental vehicles. But finally, on the first day of 2022, my Dragon Soul was ready and she came back to me. He not only fixed her, he cleaned her up, returning her to me as a shiny, gray pearl. He showed me all of the broken parts, including the main one that caused the most delay. I was very pleased and definitely would recommend him, though he does only fix one vehicle at a time. But, mostly, I treasured the return of a vehicle that had carried me half way around the country, only to lose a fight to a deer less than a mile from my home. I never knew I could love a vehicle so much. Here are my photos. One thing, though, I did beg him to save my driver's side door, one of my two dragon stickers. And, good to his word, he did preserve it. There is the smallest crease on the front side of the door. I do not mind, it will forever remind me of how much I appreciate this car, and how many wonderful people helped me get around after the accident. Here are my photos.

Now I will leave you all with a wish. A wish that this year will be kind to you all. I wish you health and happiness and peace. Happy New Year!

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